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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers have responsibility of making audience visually pleased and comfortable. However, I did not want to stop there - creating artworks in pretty colors and unique components. My goal has always been to give out meaningful message and share awareness in society to audience through my symbolic and strong pieces. My favorite part of being a Graphic Designer is that I don't have to convey my message in direct or literal way. For example, connecting "jeans" to a pun - human “genes”, I arranged different kinds of denim pockets to shape a set of genome sequences so that the artwork carries the idea of our responsibility to save the environment for the next “gene”ration. Furthermore, I created parts of nature with denim pockets to display the idea that people should resolve textile waste issue by recycling their clothes. Visual learners exist as many as verbal learners. I want to become a Graphic Designer who can effectively spread awareness even to the visual learners around the world.

The inquiry that guided my investigation was: How can I create patterns and abstract compositions that convey the seriousness in textile waste using denim texture and pentagons from pockets? At first, I only focused on connecting the idea of environmental awareness to the artwork by expressing pieces of jeans as trash in a dump truck (1). However, I decided to analyze the pentagon shape of denim pockets. I aligned pockets’ lines and points to create patterns in 3-4. Despite the repetition in shapes, I emphasized some pockets with the stitches and made each pocket have various transparency, scale, and tones of color to add balance and movement. Then, I took pictures of 126 arrangements of actual pockets to add denim’s unique texture and more variety; 4 inspired me to arrange the jeans in human “genes” shape (6). I carried the idea of our responsibility to save Earth for the next “gene” ration into 7-15. I combined the scans of patterns with digital shapes and paints using the same color scheme as the scans to give unity. Connecting pieces of scans to create other big patterns with different scales in the scans, I expressed peaceful coexistence between humans and nature.

Contact Phone: 949-533-9426

15 Three Rivers, Irvine, CA 92602

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